• Dace Caune

d&ad brief response 'talk periods'

Updated: Jan 6

D&AD Young Blood brief provided by Case for her 2019.

The Case For Her supports women and girls across the globe through investments in for-profit companies and grants to programmes or initiatives focused on female health.

The brief was asking us to change the way the world we live in thinks about menstruation issues and undo the social stigmas surrounding them.

Me and my great uni mate Catarina Bakker decided to take on a brief and not overcomplicate this very complicated topic. As a result we created this voice over typography (by catarina) + illustration (by me) animation video to spread a message how different age/gender/background people feel when they just simply walk past period isle in a grocery store.

Talking about menstruation is still largely a social and cultural taboo across the globe. Although menstruation is a normal, healthy part of life for menstruators, stigmas abound.