• Dace Caune

Design with wagamama

Updated: Mar 4

Joined Wagamama HQ marketing team as a graphic design assistant back in September 2019 after being familiar with the brand and working there while being a student.

Being part of the Wagamama's global creative in-house team means working closely with the marketing team, copywriters and innovations team. Everyday life involves working on smaller design tasks by myself as well as working in teams together with design or marketing team and reporting to head of global brand design on regular basis.

Design work always has to meet Wagamama design guidelines and meet the values of the company. Even the most innovative and latest collaborative design campaigns always have to reflect the core values of the company.

Design work always involves working across multiple print and digital platforms. Print design mostly consists of developing large-size print/sign/banner designs, high precision and high-quality prints, multiple merchandise items for staff members and marketing purposes, Covid Safe designs and many more.

Working closely with marketing, innovations, copywriting teams on branding campaigns. Campaigns usually talk about a currently important topic that Wagamama would like customers to be aware of while enjoying their meal. It can be topics such as mental health, recycling, Veganuary, New Juice campaign or something obvious as Christmas special campaign with new dishes.

Veganuary campaign at the start of 2020 involved working with freelance illustrator Yuko Shimizu, "Our Design Agency" agency and our in-house creative team to develop "New Wave" campaign that successfully rolled out revolutionary Vegan Tuna dish.

Being closely involved with marketing team also means assisting with many of those marketing shoots | food + lifestyle photography | video advertisement | assisting and being present on shoots to maintain Wagamamas values.