• Dace Caune

JerkNBitz re-brand

JerkNBitz is an authentic Caribbean food take away place that needed an update for their existing visual brand. JerkNBitz was looking for a fun, efficient and friendly branding that works across digital and mostly print media. Their goal was to show their Caribbean heritage and avoid social stigmas attached to common use of branding and visual colours.

old vs new

The new updated JerknBitz logo dark and light version. Base of the newly developed logo is still an JerkNBitz logo that worked well for their brand however needed an contemporary update. Main task was to strip down unnecessary design elements but leave their famously used font and typography layout.

After working on logo development JerkNBitz needed other visual elements that would represent their authentic Caribbean food culture and would be successfully used and repeated over the visual language of the brand. That is how over time these geometric shapes in Caribbean blue and Caribbean Sunshine yellow were introduced and tied together with an existing brand guidelines. These shapes were developed from an existing shapes that are easily found in their logo.

use of newly developed visual language for JerkNBitz

A5 and smaller print designs available to pick up at the store

menu board design available to see in store as a guide to JerkNBitz food (over 3mx1.5m size)

use of newly established brand language introducing updated logo, freshly established brand colours and typography for their local marketing material.

few snaps from JerkNBitz updated brand guidelines.